Jared Lee

With 25 years of mechanic experience and 18 years of fleet maintenance experience, if you are looking for quality work with your tow vehicles you will find it in Co- Founder of UTV Untouchable and Owner of JL Repair, Jared Lee. Jared has built drag cars, and race bikes and quads, including welded and fabricated parts since 2000. His love for exploring the desert and dunes with his family and friends has built a passion for motorcycle, quad and UTV repair and maintenance for the last 12 years. Jared has excelled at the positions he has held and successfully runs UTV Untouchable, JL Repair, and works as a Journeyman mechanic and shop manager for a well known publicly traded company. His special training includes:


  • ASE Certified Mechanic
  • Ford Certified Fleet Mechanic
  • Power Stroke Training


Evan Thompson

After 22 years of welding and fabrication experience it;s hard to find a custom fabrication expert better than Evan Thompson at UTV Untouchable. Because Evan has 14 years of racing and off-road experience, including circle track, desert, and closed course completion, he easily understands the needs of any off-road enthusiast and with 14 years of off road vehicle fabrication building competition race cages, bumpers, sliders, and other accessories there isn't anything he can't build to go fast! Evan has worked for companies like Phelps Dodge, AK Fabrication and currently owns ET Fabrication along with partnering in UTV Untouchable. He has 4 years CNC machine experience and has built complete sand rails, race trucks, pre-runners, and currently builds off road cages, parts, accessories and custom winch bumpers and other parts for many applications . Evan also fabricates custom truck bumpers and accessories for any tow vehicle.

Mons Larson

Mons started his passion for off-road vehicles by personally servicing, maintenance, and modifying his families own dirt bikes, quads and desert toys and tow rigs for the last 14 years. His 5 years equipment operation and maintenance mixed with his 16 years of business management creates an ideal fit for quality work and customer care. Mons has managed regions for companies that have a world wide presence, including one of the worlds largest franchising companies. He has overseen projects of magnitudes in the 10's of Millions of annual income with successful results, and is currently owner of and partnering in multiple companies including UTV Untouchable. 



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